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Compilation of all new men partners for 2024


We bring you a summary of all the new male couples for 2024. Great compilation after so much change.

There are many new male couples for this year, almost too many, considering that the only ones that remain are the ones that make up the top 3.

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Fede Chingotto / Momo González

Chingo, Momo, who returns backwards, and Gaby Reca. That’s the trio that will surely give a lot to talk about this season. Perhaps, they lack some punch, but from their strong defense they will build their game to get closer to the top 3.

Paquito Navarro / Sanyo Gutierrez (2.0)

Second version of a couple formed by two legends of our sport. Two very strong characters will have to coexist on the same bench to be able to win the championship.

Fernando Belasteguín / Lucho Capra

Bela returns to the formula that has given him so much success, playing alongside a left-hander. Read here the analysis of this couple. Do you think that Lucho Capra and Bela together will be able to win tournaments?

Javi Garrido / Mike Yanguas

A great pair of young players, but, at the same time, well established in the ranking. Garrido and Yanguas form one of the most exciting new couples for 2024. Regularity will be their key point to improve.

Maxi Sanchez / Gonzalo Rubio

Powerful union of two very strong players. And another pairing formed by a left-handed player and a former number 1, like Bela and Capra. Maxi Sanchez and Zalo Rubio want to give something to talk about.

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Juan Cruz Belluati / Pincho Fernandez

Interesting duo formed by the Argentinean and the Spaniard. Two veteran players but with a lot of desire. News here.

Josete Rico / Ignacio Vilariño

New project for the Valencian and the player from Vigo. They just announced it today in their social networks. Both are looking for stability after so many changes of partners in 2023.

So far the summary of all the new men’s pairings announced for 2024. Many changes, many novelties, for what is expected to be one of the best seasons ever. Check the calendar here.

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