Monday, May 20, 2024
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Fabrice Pastor Cup returns to Venezuela


The Fabrice Pastor Cup 1000 of Venezuela kicks off with great players of A1 Padel, from 8th to 12th November

Yesterday it was launched, the Fabrice Pastor Cup 1000 in Venezuela kicks off, featuring prominent figures from the A1 Padel circuit. Youngsters Joaquín De Astoreca and Maxi Maldonado are the top-seeded players, with Spaniards Dani Blanco and Rodrigo López as the second favorites.

The circuit returns to Venezuelan soil for the second time, having previously done so in Caracas in April, with a 500 version of the tournament. The current event is organized by Circuito Padel Venezuela and will take place at the modern facilities of VenPlay Padel Club with free admission.

The participation of A1 Padel circuit players is highlighted, such as Leo Yob, who will be playing with his compatriot Fabricio Peirón; the Spaniards Víctor Saenz de Navarrete and Pablo Deltell, and the Spanish player Oier Zuazua, who will be partnering with the Argentine Franco Ceretani.