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First results of the Hexagon Cup!


Before we move on to the ‘big guns’, the first two matches of the day and of Hexagon Cup history have already been played.

These first matches of the Hexagon Cup are the ones played by the NEXT GEN members of the teams, the selected young promises. They are played on the court located in the Fan Zone, in full view of the public present.

The Hexagon Team vs Rafa Nadal Academy Team

The competition’s own team, whose franchise players are Paquito Navarro and Ale Salazar, made their debut against Rafa Nadal’s academy team.

Pablo Cardona and Alonso Rodriguez represent the Hexagon Team, while Daniel Santigosa and Guillermo Collado do the same with the academy of the Spaniard.

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The first set of the match would fall on the side of the Rafa Nadal Academy Team with great clarity. Santigosa and Collado won with a convincing 6-2, winning the first set in the history of the tournament.

Cardona and Rodriguez managed to turn the match around with a 6-3 win in the second set, which meant a first win for the team in the competition itself.

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The outcome was resolved with a ‘super tie-break’ to the best of 10 points. The pupils of RNA Team took the upper hand with a 10-2 win, earning the first point for their team.

Eleven Eleven Team Usa vs RL9 Padel Team

Or in other words, the team headed by American actress Eva Longoria against the team headed by Polish star and FC Barcelona striker Robert Lewandowski.

Alex Chozas and Emilio Chamero represent Eleven Eleven Team USA, while David Gala and Enzo Jensen represent the Barça player’s team.

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The script was very similar to the first match; Chozas and Chamero took the first with a 6-3 win and Gala and Jensen replied in the second with an overwhelming 6-1 win. All to be decided, once again, in the ‘super tie-break’.

The team led by Eva Longoria was proclaimed the winner with a score of 10-3 in the final outcome to score the first point.

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