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Galán criticises Stupa and talks about the exclusivity of Premier Padel


Ale Galan has stopped by the microphones of El Larguero to take stock of 2023, talk about 2024 and… send a message to Stupaczuk?

Great interview with Manu Carreño and Javi Blanco to Ale Galan who has answered everything: about Premier, the call to Di Nenno, continuity with Lebron…

Juan Lebrón

Last season was the least successful since his union with the Cadiz. He had no preseason because he underwent a hamstring treatment, and then, mainly Lebron’s elbow injury, truncated his 2023.

He has made it clear that, this year, yes, the preseason is already underway as can be seen in his social networks, He is already getting in tune, aware of the importance of this period without competition: “After last year, this year we don’t want to leave anything to chance”.

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“The injury has been what has marked the whole year, we have not been able to compete until after the summer break, when we were able to train a little bit together. Until then we didn’t feel competitive”, he lamented.

He took the opportunity to “ask” for health for the whole of 2024 and to be able to fight alongside Lebron from the beginning. All this, despite the calls to the ‘Superpibes’…

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Premier Padel

He showed enthusiasm for starting the season focused on a single circuit. On the internationalisation of the calendar, he said: “We’re looking for the development of the sport, and that’s what we’re doing…”.

The interviewer revealed that “they didn’t have the Premier Padel contract in their hands until recently… In principle, you can compete in a city as long as there isn’t a Premier Padel tournament a month before or after”. According to Galán, this “protects the promoter who is investing for us to go to their cities”.

As for the exclusivity of the Premier contract, he stressed: “The option to participate in other tournaments when there are no Premier Padel events is always open. However, my main focus is Premier Padel, and I want to compete against the best…”.

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His call to Di Nenno and the dart to Stupa

The continuity with Juan Lebron remains, despite speculation about separation. Stupa was the first to reveal Lebron’s call and, later, Di Nenno confirmed Galan’s. Ale stated:

“There are always moves every season, I’m respectful when I’m contacted. This was made public… We sat down, we had a meal, we talked about projects, but we’ve always been honest. After the Masters final, we agreed to talk and we both wanted to stay together”.

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