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Get the ML10 Shotgun Luxury Series 2024 at the Best Price


Get the ML10 SHOTGUN 18K LUXURY SERIES 2024 for just €200 with the discount code ANALISTASPADEL on the Carbosports website.

Don’t miss out on the best deal and get the ML10 Shotgun 18K luxury series 2024 at the best price. Its current market price is €220. However, with the code provided by AnalistasPadel, you’ll get a 10% discount, making it yours for €200.

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To take advantage of this great offer, you need to be quick. The units are not infinite and are running out, so to benefit from it, just click here. This will take you to the Carbosports website where you can get the ML10 Shotgun 18K luxury series 2024 and many other models.

New charcteristics

The NOX ML10 Shotgun 18K 2024 is constructed with high-performance woven carbon known as Carbon 18K. This material provides incredible strength while maintaining minimal weight, thus optimizing the paddle’s performance and durability.

The core of the paddle is composed of high-density HR3 rubber. This rubber, applied to the heart of the paddle, has a higher memory effect which allows for more power to be applied to the shot, improving effectiveness and power in every play.

The EOS Flap technology is implemented on the sides of the paddle’s frame base. This innovation enhances the playing experience by better redistributing the paddle’s mass, resulting in greater speed and a superior control feel, allowing for more precise and faster shots.

Smart Trap and Grip 

Remarcable new technology on ML10 Shotgun. Photo: Carbosports.

The Pulse system is applied to the side of the paddle from the frame base to the inside of the cap. This technology reduces vibration transmission, providing greater comfort during play and minimizing the risk of injuries from repetitive vibrations.

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The NOX ML10 Shotgun 18K 2024 includes the new SmartStrap system, which allows the paddle’s safety cord to be changed quickly and easily at any time. This system adds an extra level of customization and comfort for the player.

One of the great new features of the Luxury paddles for the 2024 season is the NOX Custom Grip technology, patented by NOX and certified by Testea Padel. This system increases grip by 52% and reduces vibration transmission to the arm by 29%. It is fully customizable and is especially useful for players with sweating issues or epicondylitis, improving comfort and performance in play.

Front face of ML10 Shotgun. Photo: Carbosports

The NOX ML10 Shotgun 18K 2024 stands out for its advanced technology and innovative features, making this paddle an ideal choice for players looking to maximize their performance and comfort on the court.

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Who will use it?

The ML10 Shotgun combines all these advanced technologies to offer superior play with greater precision, power, and comfort. An ideal paddle for those players looking for higher performance on the court. Thus, the ML10 Shotgun is recommended for mid-level to professional players, especially for backhand players seeking a bit more power than ML10 users.

Don’t miss out on the best deal to get the ML10 Shotgun by Miguel Lamperti. Its current market price is 220€, but with the discount code ANALISTASPADEL, you can get it for 200€.

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