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How many matches has each pair played this 2023?


We’ve reached the final stretch of the season and the legs are heavier than ever. Let’s see which pairs have accumulated the most wear and tear in 2023

Matches on World Padel Tour

Focusing on World Padel Tour, there are 4 players that have a higher match load than the rest. The physical demand that Arturo Coello, Agustin Tapia, Franco Stupaczuk and Martin Di Nenno have been subjected to stands out above the rest.

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Of course, the fact that these four players have reached the final rounds in almost every event in which they have taken part also plays a part. In the same way, the accumulation of matches could be one of the reasons for the drop in level of the No.1s.

Stupa / Di Nenno – 81 matches played (69 won)

The Superpibes have played the most number of matches this 2023 in WPT. No more and no less than 81 matches accumulated in their legs. It’s remarkable that in all the tournaments they’ve played they’ve never finished out of the semifinals. 6 wins, 6 finals and 6 semis.

Tapia / Coello – 78 matches played (69 won)

The No.1’s are the second most played matches they have had to play. Maybe the little downturn they have had in the last tournaments has something to do with this. The truth is that they don’t look as sharp as they did at the beginning of the year. 10 wins, 3 finals, 3 semis, 1 round of 16 and 2 round of 16 are their results in 2023.

Chingotto – 65 matches played (46 won)

The fifth player with the most matches is the ‘Super Mouse’. He started the year with Javi Garrido and will finish it with Paquito Navarro, with whom he has reached two finals. He has also reached 7 semis, 9 quarters and a round of 16.

Galán – 64 matches played (52 won)

The season of the player from Madrid has clearly gone from bad to better. First his injury and then Lebron’s injury made him miss several events. He teamed up with Jon Sanz to keep up the competitive rhythm and now his final stretch with Lobo is being to mark. 4 wins, 4 semis, 4 quarters, 2 eighths and 2 16th rounds are his results this year.

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Paquito Navarro – 58 matches played (40 won)

The second player with the second fewest accumulated matches of the 4 top pairings. Paco started the year with Tello but when the results didn’t come, he called Chingotto. Although their competitive level improved, they didn’t manage to win any titles. 2 finals, 6 semis, 7 quarters, 2 eighths and a round of 16 was their balance.

Juan Lebron – 48 matches played (40 won)

The player from Cadiz has missed many tournaments in 2023 due to his forearm injury. However, he is the player with the best winning percentage of his matches played. The load he accumulates is much less than that of his rivals and it is showing in the freshness he is demonstrating on court in this final stretch. He has 4 wins, 3 semis, 2 quarters, some eighths and 2 sixteenth rounds.

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