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Led Projects illuminates Ultimate Padel Tour


“We have developed an exclusive product to illuminate paddle courts

An interesting interview with Juan Antonio Pérez Gómez, Led Projects’s CEO, it is a company what is specialized in industrial and sports lighting.

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The purpose of this interview is to learn a little more about this company, its short and long term objectives, how they work, etc.

How is this new challenge presented by Ultimate Padel Tour?

Ultimate Padel Tour has come to fill a gap that existed in Spain related to testing, doing it very well. Setting up a tournament in A Coruña in record time and how they set it up is worthy of praise.

”For me, right now Spain is the country of paddle, where we have had the largest circuit and where we have all the figures.”

What new challenges do you have now?

We have been fortunate to work hand in hand with the World Padel Tour for many years, that has helped us to have the lighting we have and to be a reference in the lighting of padel courts worldwide.

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Thanks to the great exclusive lighting design aimed at padel courts, we were able to be at WPT, at Premier Padel where this year we will also be, and finally Ultimate Padel Tour counted on us to continue this line of work.

Is there a difference in the models used within the different circuits? Which is it?

All tournaments according to the lighting requirements have the same lighting, what changes is always influenced by the type of court, if it is center court, court 1 or court 2, if it is televised if it is not televised…

The model is the same, at the end of the day, we have to meet certain lighting characteristics and television requirements, which is why, in all tournaments, the lighting characteristics are the same.

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What differentiates us from all other companies in this sector is mainly that we have specialized lighting that is studied for this, we have worked a lot on aspects such as:

  • Lighting homogeneity on the runway.
  • Achieve the greatest visual comfort for players, public and spectators.
  • That it is possible to play in the pavilions completely turned off, with only the court lighting.

What is your short and medium term goals for 2024?

That lighting is valued, I think it is the only thing that is not valued or the least valued on the track, and it is very important. Our goal is for it to be valued and for the club to be calm.

What is your long-term goal?

I can’t tell you, this is a day to day, now they are working on different models to evolve, for example, we started with four lights and now we put sixteen, before the lighting was white now it is show…

Little by little and without rush, we want to evolve with more and more additions but keeping in mind that none of these can harm the game in any way.

Finally, what is your strong point and your weak point or where do you still have a challenge ahead of you?

Our strong point is people, there is a team of people behind all this who has been through a lot, both good and bad, the values ??of Led Projects are the entire human team.

On the other hand, our weak point is that we want to do everything so well and be such perfectionists that it often harms us and prevents us from achieving things that we could achieve by not daring, we are quite cautious.

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