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No. 1 duels in the Hexagon Cup


Agustín Tapia and Arturo Coello on one side, and Ariana Sánchez and Paula Josemaría on the other, will face each other on Thursday

Agustín Tapia, Arturo Coello, Ariana Sánchez and Paula Josemaría are the four best players of 2023. These are the two pairings that dominated the world padel scene last year.

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Next Thursday at the Madrid Arena we’ll have the chance to see them face each other. Agustín Tapia with Jon Sanz (RL9 Padel Team) against Arturo Coello and Coki Nieto (Team Bella Puerto Rico).

Ariana Sanchez and Claudia Jensen (RL9 Padel Team) will also look for the victory against Paula Josemaria and Alejandra Alonso (ElevenEleven Team USA).

The Hexagon Cup is born with a different format that will allow the last four best players of 2023 to face each other looking for a place in the semifinals of the tournament.

The four players combined to win a staggering 29 titles last year, 15 tournaments won by the men’s pair and 14 on the women’s side. A real madness.

Agustín and Arturo have been playing together for a year but before that they have had numerous clashes of the highest level. They have faced each other thirteen times between World Padel Tour and Premier Padel with an even balance of 6 wins for the Argentine and 7 for the Spaniard.

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Agus Tapia will be looking to even the score at the Hexagon Cup while Arturo will be looking to open the gap in the head to head between the two.

The duo Ariana Sanchez and Paula Josemaría have been on the circuit for three years now and are the number one pairing in the FIP ranking, but before joining forces they faced each other in eight spectacular battles.

The balance is in favour of the Catalan player by a tight 5-3. ‘Paulita Dinamita’ and Alejandra Alonso will be looking for a win that will allow them to dream of reaching the semifinals of the tournament and in the case of the player from Extremadura to even up that particular head to head.

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Match times for Thursday 1 February

Starting at 10:00 in the Fan Zone

+ Alex Chozas – Emilio Sanchez (ElevenEleven Team USA) Vs Francisco Guerrero – Rodrigo Coello (Team Bella Puerto Rico)

+ Daniel Santigosa – Guillermo Collado (Rafa Nadal Academy powered by Richard Mille) Vs Pablo García and Pol Hernández (AD/vantage Team)

Desde las 15:00 en el Madrid Arena

+ Ariana Sánchez – Claudia Jensen (RL9 Padel Team) Vs Paula Josemaría – Alejandra Alonso (ElevenEleven Team USA)

Agustín Tapia – Jon Sanz (RL9 Padel Team) Vs Arturo Coello – Coki Nieto (Team Bella Puerto Rico)

+ Alejandra Salazar – Tamara Icardo (Hexagon Team) Vs  Delfi Brea y Sofía Araujo (AD/vantage Team)

+ Martín Di Nenno – Juan Tello (AD/vantage Team) Vs Álex Ruiz – Franco Stupaczuk (Rafa Nadal Academy powered by Richard Mille)

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