Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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PPA charges against the FIP

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The PPA (Professional Padel Association) has issued a statement on social networks denouncing irregularities in FIP (International Padel Federation) competitions

This morning, the PPA issued a statement saying the following:

In legitimate defense of the interests of the players associated to it, wants to communicate officially its position regarding certain irregularities that have been happening in those competitions developed or supervised by the International Padel Federation (FIP).

Specifically, and as a trigger for this statement, PPA wants to show its disagreement with respect to the structuring of the main draw and distribution of prize money determined by FIP for the Platinum category tournament that is currently being played in Mexico City.

In the information provided by FIP through the corresponding informative document on the characteristics of the tournament, a final draw of 28 pairs plus 4 QF was established; and not 28 pairs plus 4 QF and 2WC, as the tournament is finally taking place.

Additionally, the distribution of prizes per round of the tournament does not correspond to the FIP regulations for these purposes, not respecting what is established in the technical
regulations of the FIP Tour in article 2.13.7.

This situation unfortunately does not represent an isolated case, but is part of a structural and more serious problem that, today, results in the existence of manifest errors in the Ranking regarding the allocation of points based on the sporting results of the players, cancellation of FIP Tour events without prior notice, situations of non-payment or delay in the payment of prizes by certain promoters of the FIP Tour, as well as inappropriate use of the image rights of the players, among others.

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As a consequence of the above, and given that this association values and is aware of the
importance of the governance of an International Federation in sport, it urges the FIP to
urgently take the appropriate measures in coordination with the players’ representative
associations, in order to provide a framework of security for the development of competitions and the correct application of the corresponding regulations.

The PPA, in its defense of the legitimate interests and rights of its members, will take all
appropriate actions to ensure the correct development of their professional careers.

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