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The most dominant men’s couples in WPT history


After the end of the season, we can take a look at the most dominant men’s pairings in the history of the WPT.

Maybe some of them are surprising, or maybe it’s surprising that certain players don’t appear. Let’s review the list of the most dominant pairings in WPT, with more than 10 titles together in all these years:

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Arturo Coello and Agustin Tapia (11)

Their exuberant version of the beginning of the season allows them to enter this ranking with only the current season played together as a couple. Let’s remember the 9 titles in a row, from Abu Dhabi to the Marbella Master there was no one who could beat them in WPT.

Those 9 together with the ones they won later in Malaga and Mexico, place them with a total of 11 World Padel Tour titles to their credit and in the top 5 of couples with more titles in WPT.

Sanyo Gutierrez and Maxi Sanchez (13)

The 13 titles won by the Argentineans are divided in two different stages and quite distant from each other. This shows the quality of both of them to stay in the top for so many years.

The first 5 were in their 2013/14 period, coinciding with the start of the circuit. They won in Valencia, Villa Martelli, Madrid, Malaga and Madrid again.

The remaining 8 were achieved in 2018, when they managed to unseat Fernando Belasteguín after 16 years at number 1.

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Fernando Belasteguin and Juan Martin Diaz (19)

First, but not last, appearance of ‘the Boss’ in this ranking. Bela and JMD starred in the most glorious period for a couple in the history of world padel. After their absolute domination in the previous years on the PPT (Pro Padel Tour), they won 19 more titles from 2013 onwards on the WPT.

Of course, they remained number 1 in the first two years of the circuit, until their separation in 2015, leaving their mark in history from the beginning of the circuit.

Juan Lebron and Ale Galan (27)

They need no introduction, they were the most dominant pair in the 3 years prior to this season. Their 3 consecutive years as number 1, causing a revolution in world padel with a much faster and faster game, made them reach the top 2 with a whopping 27 WPT titles.

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During those 3 years, they won 23 of the 27. The remaining 4 are the ones won in Finland, Germany, Menorca and Malmö recently, with Lebron fully recovered after his injury at the beginning of 2023. Will they regain the No. 1 by 2024?

Fernando Belasteguin and Pablo Lima (35)

Bela’s unions with a left-hander have always been synonymous with success, let’s see how he does in 2024. During the last 3 years as world number 1 of the 16 years that Belasteguín held it, he achieved together with Lima the outrageous figure of 35 titles.

During that time (from 2015 to 2018), many great couples tried to face them: Paquito/Sanyo, Lamperti/Allemandi, Maxi Sanchez/JMD, etc. until, as we mentioned before, Maxi and Sancho unseated them both from the number 1 ranking in 2018.

The big absentee?

Paquito Navarro doesn’t appear in the top, which may seem strange. But the Sevillian, despite being the sixth in number of total titles in history, has never won more than 10 titles with the same partner.

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