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Top 3 easiest padel rackets to use


Together with Carbosports store, we have made a selection of the 3 rackets that we have found the easiest to use at the beginning of the year

It is true that it is still early to assess which have been the best rackets of 2024, however we have been a few months with the new models of each brand at our disposal.

That means that we have already been able to test many of the ones that the best brands have on the market right now. Based on our own criteria and general concepts, we have made a selection of those that we have found the easiest to handle so far in 2024.

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Nox AT10 18K

It is the racket with the softest touch of the Nox AT10 range of this 2024. A model with a rounded shape that makes the weight is close to the hand. That will give us a lot of manageability and control.

The racket used by the world No. 1, Agustin Tapia, mixes a medium-soft rubber with a very wide sweet spot and a rough sand-like finish that will help us in effects and cut shots.

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In short, a very easy to use and suitable for all audiences. Both amateurs and those who are starting out, as well as advanced and professional players will enjoy the AT10 18k and get the most out of it.

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Bullpadel Vertex 04 Hybrid 2024

The Vertex Hybrid shares many of its characteristics with the AT10 18k, which is why both are in this classification. Rounded teardrop shape, low balance and large sweet spot.

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Two carbon fiber rackets that also share the rough sand finish, although in the Vertex it is more pronounced than in the Nox. The Hybrid shares the feel and ball output of its big sister, the Vertex 04, but with the manageability of a very easy to use racket.

Vertex 04 Hybrid
Vertex 04 Hybrid

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Black Crown Piton Premium 2024

We are talking about the Premium version of the classic Black Crown Piton. Many years of history on a racket that is still one of the easiest and most manageable on the market. It uses 3k carbon balanced with a medium rubber.

A model that moves very easy, feels light and responds when demanded. Suitable for all audiences and levels. This Black Crown also has rough sandpaper.

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