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Top 5 best padel rackets 2024!


We make a selection together with the Carbosports store of the 5 rackets that we have enjoyed the most at the beginning of this year

It is true that it is still early to rate which have been the best rackets of 2024, however we have already spent a few months with the new models of each brand at our disposal.

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That means that we have already been able to test many of the rackets that the best brands have on the market right now. Based on our own criteria and general concepts, we have made a selection of those that we have found the best so far in 2024.

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Nox AT10 12K

This is the Nox that has caught our attention of all the new range. Unlike the other AT10, the 18K and the Limited Edition, with which it shares a rounded shape and low balance, the 12K has a rubber that gives it a harder feel than its companions.

That makes this Nox a very complete racket, which responds very well both in attack and defense. The rubber gives it power and the shape adds manageability. It also adds a rough sand type that will help us with the effects.

NOX AT10 12K
NOX AT10 12K

Personally we find it the most complete option of the Nox 2024 line and one of the best in the market. You can get it with a 10% discount at Carbosports by clicking on this link.

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Head Extreme Motion 

The new Head series for 2024 will be used by Arturo Coello and Paula Josemaría. The difference between the Extreme Pro and the Motion, which is the one we chose here, is the weight. The Pro version ranges between 370 and 375 grams.

However, the Motion maintains the technology and composition of its big sister but has a more accessible weight for all publics: 350-360 grams. This makes it a racket with a medium-hard feel but with a great handling.

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A very balanced racket thanks to its light weight that makes it very easy to move and react quickly in moments of little time to maneuver. You can get it at Carbosports for less than 150 € by clicking here.

Bullpadel Vertex 04 CMF

The racket that Martin Di Nenno will use this 2024 has seemed to us one of the best value for money options for players looking for a model with high balance and weight in the head.

The difference with the Vertex 04, besides the price, since the Comfort is cheaper, is the composition. This model is made with Fibrix on the faces (carbon and glass alloy), and is more flexible, and easier to handle for everyone.

Di Nenno’s racket incorporates a rough sand type that we like very much. You can find it in our trusted store for less than 199€ with the code ANALISTASPADEL by clicking here.

Babolat Tech Veron Juan Lebrón

The new Babolat is a diamond-shaped racket with a high balance. The faces use Carbon Flex, a mix of carbon and fiberglass, which makes it more manageable and less hard than its big sister, the Tech Viper.

With an Eva rubber core, the Veron 2024 has a medium feel that provides a great balance between power and precision. This model is perfect for intermediate players looking for an attacking racquet that is not too demanding.

The new Lobo racket has just been released on the market but Carbosports will offer it for under 210€. Just click here and add it to your cart.

Royal Padel M27 Light 2024

We close the top with a racket with a lot of control and totally round shape. Built in 3k carbon and with a lighter weight than usual, between 350 and 365 grams.

Intended for players who put control and construction from defensive positions. Adaptable to all audiences and all levels, from beginner to professional.

One of the blades with which we have tested more control and ease to play good balls. Add the 10% discount and get it at Carbosports by clicking here.

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