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Valladolid continues to be the cathedral of paddle


The Plaza Mayor of Valladolid confirms its continuity in a paddle tennis circuit after announcing that it will host the FIP Platinum from June 24 to 30.

Initially, this year, Valladolid was disappearing from the paddle tennis scene after transitioning to the Premier Padel circuit. Nevertheless, the city will ultimately host one of the most special tournaments, as some players have mentioned.

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Luigi Carraro, the president of the Spanish Paddle Federation, Ramón Morcillo, the Mayor of Valladolid, Jesús Julio Carnero, and the tourism and events counselor, Blanca Jiménez, along with player Arturo Coello, have announced that Valladolid will be the venue for an FIP Platinum.

This tournament will distribute 200 points to the winners. But few players will want to miss this special event in the main square in front of the cathedral.

Arturo Coello added in the interview: “When I heard about the organization of an FIP Platinum here in Valladolid, I spoke with my team and told them that I would never miss this event.”

About the Tournament

This tournament is supported by the FEP with Ramón Morcillo at the helm, where the main objective is the continued presence in Spain and, above all, in such an emblematic place as the main square of Valladolid.

This year, the tournament will be different from how we knew it last year. That is, as clarified in the press conference, the central court will still be in the Plaza Mayor. However, the adjacent courts will no longer be in the facilities of the Real Valladolid football club.

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This year, the rest of the courts will be placed in the Recoletos area, as indicated by the management team of the Valladolid City Council.

They hope that this tournament will be a great attraction for top pairs, with the highlight being the Tapia-Coello pair.

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However, the FIP and the Spanish Paddle Federation work to ensure that these tournaments have as their main objective offering young talents the opportunity to gain experience at the highest level and thus guarantee the future and generational relay in paddle tennis.

The Grand Goal of Valladolid

With all this, Valladolid does not disappear from the paddle tennis scene and has clarified that they will fight to return to the Premier Padel circuit’s top scene in 2025.

With this, the head of the delegation has made it clear: “We did not want to lose a year. We want to be in the Premier. The number of tournaments in Spain has been reduced, and we have stayed at the gates. We will work so that in 2025, we will be a Premier tournament.”

Nevertheless, the mayor of the locality has clarified that the investment will remain the same even though the Valladolid tournament has “lowered in category.” This is reflected in the fact that the mayor himself has stated that the endowment for the tournament will be €350,000, of which the organizer. Valladolid City Council, will contribute an approximate amount of €280,000.

Similarly, the tournament will be broadcast in 177 countries. In addition, Luigi Carraro pointed out in the press conference that this is very important for the city.


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