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What types of lighting exist for a padel court?


The company that illuminates the best padel courts and competitions, Led Projects, explains us the three models of spotlights they use

Padel would be nothing without the lighting of the courts, which improves the visibility of the players, the public who come to watch the tournaments live and those who follow the competitions from home.

Led Projects is the company in charge of lighting the vast majority of tournaments and competitions. It used to do it in World Padel Tour and currently does it in Ultimate Padel Tour, Premier Padel or in the Pro Padel League in the United States.

Led Projects explains the three different models they offer to their customers for the lighting of padel courts, depending on the needs of each one.

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RET Model

Your padel court with an efficient consumption!

This model is recommended for communities of owners. Especially for wall courts, since in Spain there are still a significant number of this type of courts. Traditional outdoor paddle courts.

They could also be used for some indoor glass courts in very enclosed buildings. This is the most economical lighting model and has four projectors, one for each pole.

Each projector has 240W and the system is waterproof and resistant to shocks and tremors. Ideal for local competitions, training, school and recreational use.

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PV Model

In line with the court!

We are talking about Led Projects’ best-selling model. It has a linear aesthetic and uses 8 projectors per court, although some manufacturers prefer to put 12 (three spotlights on each support), to further improve the lighting.

This is the system used in international World Padel Tour events. Only in those outside the Spanish borders, in national tournaments the following model was used.

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It is the perfect range for international and regional competitions or high-level training.

Professional Model

We reach the professional level range of Led Projects, in which we find several different types.

ECO-T, its best-selling track

This is the most basic level within this professional range. It is the best and most recommended for indoor clubs that want the best performance in the market. It has 8 projectors, two per pole, with 200W of power per projector.

TV, the perfect lighting for television broadcasts

This is the model that meets the lighting requirements for a perfect television broadcast. It has 12 projectors, three per pole, with 24oW of power per projector.

TOP, where the pros play

We are talking about the lighting of the 2023 World Padel Tour Master court. Prepared for competitions of the highest level, both indoor and outdoor, and also suitable to be broadcast on TV.

4 projectors per pole and 16 in total with 240W of power each.

SHOW, add a touch of color to your padel event!

The company’s top of the line system, the one used in the 2023 World Padel Tour Final Master. The idea is to create a spectacle of lights and colors that will make a tournament an unforgettable experience. It has 16 projectors, 4 per pole.

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