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Who plays and where to watch the Pro Padel League


The Pro Padel League is a team competition that concludes with a  finals at the end f regular season with All-Star event and the draft for the following year that is played by most of top padel players.

Who plays and where to watch the Pro Padel League is something that raises doubts for many people, and here we will tell you where you can watch it and enjoy matches that you wouldn’t see on the conventional circuit.

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Where to watch the Pro Padel League

The Pro Padel League is an event primarily broadcasted on the streaming platform DAZN.

To access this content, no payment is required, as it is one of the events that DAZN allows you to watch for free. Only registration is necessary, and I repeat, no payment is required to enjoy it.

Additionally, the PPL itself broadcasts the competition for free on its YouTube channel. This channel broadcasts the matches in both Spanish and English simultaneously.

The matches begin broadcasting at 8:30 in Miami, 14:30 in Spain and 10:30 in Argentine.

Wednesday, April 3rd Matchday

Who plays and where to watch the Pro Padel League?

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Like every matchday, it consists of 5 matches, where some teams have to play twice during the day, such as the New York Atlantis and the San Diego Singrays. That will be repited in the majority of the matchday.

Still, here we present the complete matchday of the teams facing each other today:

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San Diego Singrays vs Los Angeles Beat
New York Atlantics vs Cancun Waves
Arkansas Matrix vs Houston Volts
San Diego Singrays vs Miami Padel Club
New York Atlantics vs Toronto Polar Bears

With these matches, the second matchday of 4 that will be played in the group stage of this tournament will be completed.


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