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Wich Bullpadel Vertex choose


Analysis of the Bullpadel Vertex Range: Which One is Right for You?

The Vertex range of Bullpadel rackets has earned a great reputation among paddle players, both amateurs and professionals, for its excellent combination of power, control, and advanced technology. Below, we analyze the three Vertex models available in Carbosports’ online store to help you choose the racket that best suits your playing style.

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Bullpadel Vertex 04 CMF

The Bullpadel Vertex 04 CMF, used by professional player Martín Di Nenno, is designed for intermediate to advanced players seeking a high-performance racket. This model stands out for offering a more powerful shot compared to other editions, while maintaining the control that characterizes it.

One of the major changes in this model is its construction with Fibrix, a hybrid form of X-Glass and carbon fiber, combined with a more elastic resin that provides greater flex and elasticity to the racket’s core.

Bullpadel Vertex Comfort. Photo: Carbosports

Thanks to Curvaktiv technology, the frame structure has a degree of torsion that gives it greater resistance. Additionally, it incorporates Air Power technology, which is a channel created through a hollow piece in the lower side of the racket, near the core that has the Vertex technology. This technology helps to distribute weight and forces, reducing vibrations and making volleys more solid while increasing power.

The racket faces feature a rough surface finish (TopSpin) that enhances grip and spin on the ball. All this comes at a price of €181.00, and with the applicable discount code ANALISTASPADEL for 10% off, you can get your Vertex Comfort for €162.90 by clicking here.

Bullpadel Vertex 04 W

The Bullpadel Vertex 04 W, used by Delfi Brea, is a lightweight diamond-shaped racket. It offers maximum performance for intermediate or professional players, providing more power without sacrificing control, similar to the Comfort model.

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This racket, used by the Argentine player, also features Fibrix technology, combining X-Glass and carbon fiber to enhance flexibility. It also has a more elastic core compared to other rackets in the same Vertex range.

Like the other two rackets, it incorporates Curvaktiv technology in the racket’s side. This technology results in a smaller section than in the Vertex 03, increasing rigidity and improving vibration transmission.

Bullpadel Vertex W. Photo: Carbosports

As a new feature, this racket includes the CustomWeight in the racket’s handle, allowing you to add an extra 5 or 10 grams, modifying the racket’s weight and balance. Additionally, it comes with the CustomWeight Protector, which allows you to add up to three adhesive plates of 3 grams each to the racket’s frame, enabling you to adjust the balance for control or power according to your needs.

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This racket is available at Carbosports for a price of €189.00, and with the applicable discount code ANALISTASPADEL for 10% off, you can get your Vertex 04 W for €170.10 by clicking here.

Bullpadel Vertex 04 Hybrid

The new Bullpadel Vertex 04 Hybrid is a low-balance racket designed for advanced or professional players seeking total control without sacrificing power.

This model shares technology with the other two Vertex models, such as Curvaktiv, which provides greater resistance and rigidity, aiding in vibration reduction and helping to prevent injuries.

Additionally, like the Comfort model, it features TopSpin technology, giving it a rough finish that enhances spin on every shot. It also incorporates Vertex technology, which distributes weights and forces from the core, aiding in vibration reduction just like Curvaktiv.

One of its unique features is the XT-Carbon 12K biaxial design. This carbon fiber face offers greater resistance, solidity, and up to 20% to 30% less weight compared to common carbon fiber.

Bullpadel Vertex Hybrid. Photo: Carbosports

Inside the racket, the core is made of MultiEVA double-density foam. This foam has a denser surface on the upper part, allowing for better return of fast balls. Conversely, the lower-density foam on the bottom improves hitting slow balls.

As a final specification, the WAVE system enhances the racket’s flexibility. This helps in the efficient transmission of energy and vibrations, providing greater power with less effort.

This racket is available at Carbosports for €222.99, and with the applicable discount code ANALISTASPADEL for 10% off, you can get your Vertex 04 Hybrid for €206.99 by clicking here.


Each of these rackets features diverse technologies suited for different types of players. They are all recommended for intermediate to advanced levels, ensuring the best performance possible.

Among the three, the most adaptable is the Vertex 04 W, which includes CustomWeight in the handle, allowing you to adjust the balance of your racket as needed. This racket performs equally well on both forehand and backhand due to its speed and adjustable balance.

On the other hand, the Vertex Comfort offers great performance on both sides of the court. However, its high balance and diamond shape might be more suitable for a backhand player, though a forehand player with an aggressive aerial game could also benefit greatly.

The Vertex Hybrid 04, however, provides the best capabilities for a more sophisticated player who wants to feel the ball. It offers the most control of the three and the least power, making it ideal for a classic forehand player with a low balance. Even so, being a hybrid, it doesn’t lose as much offensive capability as the Vertex W and Comfort might in defensive play.

All three rackets feature MultiEVA foam and the Vertex core to reduce vibrations and help prevent injuries commonly associated with playing padel.

And you, have you decided which Vertex you’re going to play with?

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