Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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Brand changes and the new rackets of the TOP players


Many racket changes for the beginning of the season. Starvie and Varlion have lost their main flagship players.

Javi Garrido, Mike Yanguas, Bea Gonzalez, Jon Sanz… all of them will have new rackets in this 2024 after several years with their previous brands.

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Exodus of Starvie and Varlion

Massive departure of the main bastions of both brands. Starvie has lost Garrido and Bea Gonzalez after 13 and 7 years, respectively. In addition, Lucas Bergamini and Carolina Navarro also left the Spanish brand.

Coki Nieto and Javi Barahona have remained, for the moment, as the main supporters of the brand. Varlion has also lost two TOP players such as Mike Yanguas and Jon Sanz, as well as Jessica Castelló and Juanlu Esbrí.

It seems that, as Pablo de el 4set mentions in his YT video, both brands will focus more on being present in amateur padel, as it is quite difficult to monetize the investment made in TOP players worldwide.

More significant changes

Also noteworthy are other changes such as JMD, from DropShot to Bullpadel; Pablo Cardona, from Adidas to Bullpadel; Or Javi Ruiz, who has already won his first tournament with his new shovel of the Argentine brand Sane padel.

Summary of the new padel rackets

Player New brand
Javi Garrido Wilson
Mike Yanguas Lõk
Bea González Bullpadel
Jon Sanz DropShot
Juan Martín Díaz Bullpadel
Lucas Bergamini Tactical Padel
Javi Ruiz Sane
Pablo Cardona Bullpadel
Jessica Castelló Bullpadel
Juanlu Esbrí Joma
Carolina Navarro Joma
Bea Caldera Lõk