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Delfina Brea: “It would be a mistake to want to look like tennis”.


We chatted with Delfina Brea exclusively for AnalistasPadel. The Argentinean drive doesn’t tell us very interesting things from Milan.

A very nice interview with Delfi during the P1 in Milan after winning her match in the last 16. We review the season and talk about 2024.

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Getting off to a good start in Milan, right?

Yes, very well. We played quite well (6-1/6-2 win over Caldera/Nogueira).

Pizza or pasta to celebrate?

Pizza! Because it’s my birthday so it’s what I want today (laughs).

As the season is coming to an end, are you looking forward to the end of the season and rest, or would you continue with the promising 2024?

On the one hand, I would continue because we are playing very well, but on the other hand, we need to stop for a while. It was a year in which alternating the two circuits was very tiring, very long, with a lot of travelling… even repeating cities.

Overall, a very positive year. I’m very happy but I’m looking forward to the holidays.

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Tell me from a personal point of view an assessment of the season so far, pending these last two tournaments. Grade from 1 to 10.

It has been without doubt the best season of my career, so let’s give it a 7/8 to have room for improvement. In the end, I joined Bea in the middle of the season and the good results came quickly thanks to a lot of hard work that you don’t see.

What has been the most special title of the year?

Valladolid, because a bit of everything happened that week. I had a lot of ups and downs throughout the tournament on that kind of fast court, which is the hardest for me.

It’s a tournament that when I won it I couldn’t quite believe it because before when I went to watch it, I thought I was never going to win it. It’s a very mental tournament, the one who can hold on the longest is the one who wins it.

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The hardest moment of the season?

The summer break was difficult, I had to have a special treatment and I was stopped for a while, arriving in Finland with a lot of doubts. Then to finish winning it was really crazy.

Tell us about your relationship with Bea, I’m sure you have some funny anecdotes with so much travelling.

With the ‘Perla’ we are up and down all day (laughs). Now we’re busy with the Nintendo and we’re up and down every night.

Delfi Brea during the interview.
Delfi Brea during the interview.

And with Jorge Martínez, your coach?

We have a very nice relationship, with a lot of affection. He is very demanding but at the same time very affectionate with us, he treats us with a lot of respect, which I think is the key to everything.

So, is there Bea – Delfi for 2024 and beyond?

Nobody can answer the question “beyond”, but for 2024 it is certain that we will continue with Beita at the top of her game.

Delfina Brea’s main point to improve for 2024

The aerial game is something I’m working a lot on and I think I’ve made a leap in quality under Jorge’s guidance.

And to reach the top 1, what do you need as a couple?

To find that consistency that we’ve been having lately. The most difficult thing is to maintain that level, which I think is what Ari and Paula have achieved this year.

In this 2024 that we talked about many changes are coming, what do you expect for padel with the Premier Padel circuit next year?

The only thing I hope is that we go to Buenos Aires, everything else should be as they want.

What would you transfer from WPT to Premier Padel?

It would be a mistake to want to be like tennis, because we are not tennis, nor are we going to be. In short, for me it’s key to maintain the essence of padel.

Finally, would you play a barbecue with AnalistasPadel if you win in Buenos Aires?

Of course, if I win in Buenos Aires, there will be an barbacue!

From AnalistasPadel we thank Delfi for this very pleasant interview and we wish him all the luck for the rest of 2023.

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