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Get the new Nox AT10 12K by Agustin Tapia at the best price!


Get the new Nox AT10 12K 2024 for only 205€ with the discount code ANALISTASPADEL on Carbosports website

Do not miss the best offer to get the Nox AT10 12K by Agustin Tapia. Currently its market price is 299€ but with the discount code ANALISTASPADEL you can get it for 205€.

Of course, you will have to be the fastest, since there will be limited units at this price. To take advantage of it you just have to click here and you will access the Carbosports website, where you can get the AT10 12K and the entire line of Nox 2024.

Nox AT10 12k
Nox AT10 12k

The new Nox is a rounded teardrop shaped racket, with a low balance. In the faces it uses 12K carbon, which unlike previous years, makes it harder than the 18K model, the grey with which we usually see Tapia.

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With a MLD Black EVA core, the AT10 has a medium-hard feel that provides a great balance between power and precision. This model is perfect for intermediate and advanced players looking for a control racket with good offensive performance.

The AT10 12K seems to us the most balanced racket of the brand for this 2024. With a great maneuverability thanks to having the weight close to the hand, and being somewhat harder than its sister the 18K, it will respond well for offensive and defensive players. The new Tapia racquet also comes with a sand rough finish.

AT10 12K
AT10 12K

Carbosports will be the only store offering it for 205€. Just click here, add it to your cart and enter our discount code.

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