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Strategic alliance between MejorSet and Led Projects for 2024


MejorSet, the official Premier Padel and FIP track, is betting on Led Projects to illuminate its paddle tracks, giving lighting the importance it deserves in order to achieve visual comfort for players, spectators, and viewers.

Strategic alliance between MejorSet and Led Projects for 2024 that will make the track shine for the players.

MejorSet, a Valencian company from Crevillente, developer, manufacturer, installer, and maintainer of paddle  tracks worldwide, and Led Projects, a Madrid-based company specializing in paddle  track lighting, have signed an annual agreement whereby MejorSet will market its paddle tracks with LED projectors, specifically designed for each type of track, from Led Projects.

MajorSet and Led Projects

According to the agreement reached earlier this year between the two Spanish firms, Led Projects will supply MejorSet with the LED projectors it requires throughout 2024, both for the official Premier Padel tracks and FIP tournaments of the highest level, and for projects they undertake worldwide in any type of sports facility.

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But the commitment between MejorSet and Led Projects goes beyond purely commercial matters. Thus, in order to establish a collaboration aimed at creating a ‘brand alliance’, both companies have agreed to attend various events together throughout 2024, such as the RacquetX fair, which will be held from March 24 to 26 in Miami, Florida, USA.


For this event, Led Projects will set up 16 ECO S model spotlights on the track that MejorSet will install at the North American exhibition. In the case of FIP and Premier Padel tournaments, MejorSet and Led Projects will agree on the lighting model that best suits the conditions of each tournament, including the SHOW feature that contributes to enhancing the spectacle itself with all the possibilities offered by its RGB lighting system that can be linked sequentially to DMX controllers.

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About MejorSet:

  • Placement of tracks in more than 35 countries.
  • 20 years of experience as manufacturers and advisors in project development.
  • Specialists in manufacturing and installing paddle tracks .
  • Official track of the International Paddle Federation (FIP) and the Premier Padel circuit.
  • Team present in Spain and the United States, with official distributors worldwide.
  • Since 2021, it has been part of LeDap, an international group of paddle companies currently present in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Spain, Austria, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates.
  • Since Crivillente-Alicante (2003), driving force behind the growth, innovation, digitalization, and professionalization of paddle.

About Led Projects:

  • Formed by professionals with proven experience in the LED lighting sector, both technically and commercially.
  • Constantly seeking technological innovation through its own 100% Spanish design, development, and research (D+D+I) department.
  • Specialists in ‘ad hoc’ LED lighting in the industrial, healthcare, and sports sectors (tennis, soccer, and above all, paddle).
  • Since 2013, it has illuminated more than 4,000 tracks worldwide.
  • From 2015 to 2023, official lighting for World Padel Tour circuit tournaments, as well as official lighting for WPT Challenger 2021-2022 events and WPT Open 500 2023. Official lighting for the new Ultimate Padel Tour circuit at its events in A Coruña and Leganés.
  • Maintains collaborations and agreements with the main national and international paddle track builders.
  • Member of the International Padel Cluster (CIT), in favor of the growth, innovation, digitalization, and professionalization of the paddle industry.

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