Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Spain to host new FIP Platinum tournament


More details of the Premier Padel and Cupra FIP Tour calendar for 2024 are progressively revealed. New FIP Platinum in Spain.

The latest news has generated great excitement in Spain, with destinations such as Valladolid, Malaga, Seville and the recent confirmation of Menorca to host a FIP Platinum tournament from the 14th to the 20th of October.

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Menorca will continue to be present

Menorca, known for its history on the World Padel Tour at the Pabellón Menorca (Mahón), will host this exciting event. The presentation took place at FITUR Madrid, with the participation of several personalities along with local player Gemma Triay.

Ramón Morcillo, president of the FEP, expressed his satisfaction at the return of the best padel in the world to Menorca and highlighted the joint effort to make this high-level event a reality.

In his statements, he emphasised the importance of including the island in the calendar and assured the success both in terms of organisation and participation. Gemma Triay also shared her enthusiasm for Menorca to be an integral part of this future.

Tournament presentation in FITUR.
Tournament presentation in FITUR.

But will Gemma participate?

Despite her presence on the promotional poster, Gemma Triay’s participation in the tournament is still unknown, which adds a touch of expectation about her possible participation in front of her home crowd.

Even though the Menorcan was present and headlining the tournament, she did not confirm her participation as Arturo Coello did in Valladolid.

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