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Women’s ranking of tournaments won in 2023


Let’s continue to review and get to know the data for the whole of 2023. Let’s look at the women’s couples with the most titles in 2023.

Ari Sánchez and Paula Josemaría are the clear dominators, but who apart from them have won the most women’s tournaments in 2023?

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TOP 1 – Paula Josemaría and Ari Sánchez

The Catalan and the player from Extremadura are the undisputed winners of the season. Their number 1 ranking, confirmed in Amsterdam with two months to spare, is proof of that.

They started fighting every tournament against Ale and Gemma and ended up with Bea and Delfi as great rivals, but the common denominator was always them. Consistency has been their strongest point.

After winning in Abu Dhabi in the first tournament of the year, they have accumulated 12 more World Padel Tour tournaments (including the Reus Open 500) and the Premier Padel de Paris at the emblematic Roland Garros.

13 tournaments won in 2023

TOP 2 – Bea Gonzalez and Delfina Brea

Undoubtedly, the most in-form women’s pairing of the second half of the season. They have finished the season like a shot, and as they said themselves, it wouldn’t have hurt if the season had been a little bit longer.

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After their union in Granada, these two great friends off the court, got to know each other better on the court and started to get great results. The summer break was great for them to improve their game.

6 WPT titles plus 2 of the 4 women’s titles played in Premier; Madrid and Milan. Not bad for a pairing formed after the first third of the season.

8 titles won in 2023

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TOP 3 – Gemma Triay and Alejandra Salazar

Despite the resounding separation of the famous ‘Triazar’, the 3 consecutive WPT won, of course, at the beginning of the year makes them sneak into the TOP 3 of this ranking.

It seemed that they continued after Alejandra recovered from her elbow injury, but everything was truncated and both went their separate ways. Would they have fought the 1 after recovering the best version of Ale?

3 tournaments won in 2023

TOP 4 – Gemma Triay and Marta Ortega

The Balearic player appears again but in this case alongside ‘Doctor’ Martita Ortega. Their short period together may not have been as successful as they had hoped, but it has allowed them to compete for many of the titles in play.

They won the first women’s tournament in the history of Premier Padel held in Rome and, in addition, Triay became a prophet in her homeland by lifting the trophy in her native Menorca.

2 tournaments won in 2023


Once reviewed the major tournaments, although the category was losing weight throughout the year and were held only half of the scheduled events, apart from Paula and Ari, this couple lifted an Open 500:

  • Marta Ortega and Sofía Araujo (Alicante)

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