Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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AnalistasPadel and Carbosports join forces


From AnalistasPadel we are pleased to announce our collaboration agreement with Carbosports, the padel shop specialised in carbon fibre

Carbosports has backed AnalistasPadel thanks to its development and growth over the last year. That is why they have decided to be the new main sponsor of this media, either in the Spanish version and in the new English version.

- Partner-

This is a Spanish online shop specialised in carbon fibre rackets, the best material when manufacturing rackets. A shop that responds to its customers with immediacy and that does not sell products that they do not have in stock and then offer you others.

On a regular basis from AnalistasPadel we will publish a special offer of a racket on Carbosports website with a discount code. Stay tuned and take advantage of it. From now on you can use the code ANALISTASPADEL to get a 10% discount on all products on their website.

In AnalistasPadel CEO Lolo Peinado’s words: “We are very satisfied with this collaboration, we are very confident about the project. People will be able to take advantage of good offers and get high quality padel rackets at a very good price.

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