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Chingotto makes it official: no more with Paquito in 2024


Fede Chingotto confirmed through the Italian media MVP Padel the break up with Paquito and he’ll announce his new partner in Barcelona.

In an amusing interview with the Italian media, the Argentinean confirms what was an open secret but doesn’t confirm his union with Galan for next season.

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Separation after the Master Final

With the utmost naturalness and normality he confirmed what the drive from Olavarría said: “Yes, we are going to separate after Barcelona. I’m really enjoying these last two tournaments with him and I think we deserve a golden brooch and we’ll try to win a title”.

He was then asked about his possible union with Alejandro Galán and neither confirmed nor denied anything: “Nothing is known yet, I can’t confirm it. Time will tell. After the Barcelona Masters everything will be defined”.

The dance of couples for 2024 is starting to become a reality.

Chingotto will play on the backhand side in Barcelona (?!)

We will have to wait for the big event to verify the veracity of Federico Chingotto’s words, but it seems that both have agreed on it. It would be crazy, but why not?

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It is worth remembering that he and Di Nenno reached the final in the 2022 Master Final with Fede on the backhand. Funny anecdote that the Argentinian leaves us in the interview, we’ll see if it comes true.

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