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Alex Arroyo and Edu Alonso eliminated from the FIP Star of Perugia


The semifinals of the FIP tournament in Perugia conclude with a surprise. The couples No. 1 and No. 2 are eliminated

This week between the Amsterdam Open and the World Padel Tour Menorca has not been a week of rest for all players. Halfway between Florence and Rome is Perugia, a small town that has hosted the paddle these days.

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There, some of the most promising couples on the scene have gathered to continue to add points and track time the end of the season. In the semifinals were three of the four couples with the most points of the event.

Ivanxo Ramírez – Pablo Cardona Vs Simon Vasquez – Daniel Windahl

Ivanxo and Cardona uploaded this week a photo to their networks training together and teased a new version of this couple, that has united and separated twice this year.

What is certain is that Cardona in the next tournament, in Menorca, will play with Javi Ruiz., but both have tried to bring out their best version with the aim of winning this FIP of Perugia to which they arrived as couple No. 2.

However, despite being the favorites, today they fell in the semifinals. Their rivals, Swedes Windahl and Vasquez, They played a very solid match and only needed two sets to close it out..

On the backhand, Windahl, who comes from professional tennis, showed his punch and his finishing while Simon Vasquez worked the points with patience. The match ended in 7-6 y 6-3.

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Álex Arroyo – Edu Alonso Vs Javi Barahona – Javi G. Mora

The Nº1 couple (Arroyo-Alonso) against the Nº4 couple (Barahona-Mora) of this FIP Star Perugia. Two very evenly matched pairs, which was to be clearly reflected in the final score.

Arroyo and Alonso have just joined paths, after the separation of the former and Gonzalo Rubio after the Amsterdam test. They came to this IFP to gain experience and minutes together in the 20×10.

On the other hand, the great season of Barahona and Mora, who have perhaps gone from better to worse during the year, was reflected today on the track. Los Javis won the first set and they recovered from losing the second to close the match in the third 7-5, 2-6, 6-3.

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Tomorrow in the final Javi Barahona and Javi G. Mora will face Simon Vasquez and Daniel Windahl.

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